Writer’s cabin

Writer’s cabin

Writing, like drawing, painting and sculpting is an action that lets the creativity come out of oneself. When you are in need of a break, the Writer’s cabin may be the place to facilitate your needs. The tranquility of the cabin invites you to meditative and have secluded, personal moments. Why not just give yourself time to retreat from the busy world around you. Who knows what you might find, what you might create.

The writer’s cabin is perfect for a long or short (writing) retreat

Stay in the Writer’s cabin for a comfort and warm and (hopefully) an enlightening visit. From outside the house has been covered with second hand cladding so has its own unique feel. The house has century-old farmhouse beams, old stained-glass windows and piles of wood. Inside there is a chalet-style interior with a Swedish wood stove, bunk beds with good mattresses, a comfortable bench and an table fashioned from an old tree. Under the stained glass windows a quiet retreat awaits, where many a masterpiece will be written or memories will be made. Outside you can also enjoy the porch for eating, reading or writing. The “Holy House” is next to the vegetable garden, so have a look. Hornbeam hedges enclose the space surrounding the cabin to keep in private, a space you can semi-permanently call your own.

We are open all year

Just so you know

  • Sleeps up to 2 people
  • Bunk beds with clean mattresses
  • Two Pits cooker
  • There is a simple kitchen inventory available. Plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, pans. (no appliances)
  • A refrigerator is provided in the central building
  • Electric lighting
  • The modern and well maintained toilet facilities are a short walk away.
  • In the grounds are several beautiful places, eg tea garden
  • porch, the tea house and terrace on the water or in the gazebo
  • herb garden.

Arrival and departure times:

We can welcome you between 14:00 and 17:00.

Earlier arrival is not desired as cleaning work is required. Also, we do not wish to rush people in the morning.

The next morning we ask if you can leave before 11:00, so the grounds are ready for new guests.

We ask that you abide by these times so everyone staying and working here can do so without complication.

Arrivals after 17:00: € 20, – key money and after 21:00 € 40, – key money.

Bring with you:

If you have ordered no linen package: bed sheet, pillow, sleeping bag or carry duvet!

In the summer, if you are prone to mosquitoes, take precautions for this.

Prices: (2 pers.)  

High season (May 1 to October 1)

€ 75, – per night in the weekend: Friday and / or Saturday check-in starting at 14:00 you check out before 11 am

€ 65, – a night during the week, Sunday / Thursday

€ 180, – Long weekend: from Fri. 14 until Mo.11

€ 220, – midweek: from Mo.14:00 you to Fri. 11 am

€ 360 – week: from Fri. 14:00 to Fri. 11 am

Low season (October 1 to May 1)

€ 65, – a night every day of the week (check in 14 h, check out 11 am)

€ 130, – In a weekend (Friday and Saturday)

€ 110, – for two nights during the week, check-in starting at 14 you check out before 11am.

€ 150, – Long weekend: from Fri. 14 until you ma.11

€ 180, – midweek: from ma.14 to Fri. 11 am

€ 285, -week: from Fri. 14 to Fri. 11 am

Additional features include:

  • Breakfast service € 12.50 pp
  • Sheets, incl duvet and towels € 10, -. Per single.

Book online! [Klick here] for reservations



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