Kraaiennest (The Crow’s nest) and Eulenspiegel (The Owl’s Mirror)

Enjoy a unique stay amongst the trees and sleep in one of these tree houses.
Here you will be close to nature, connected to mother earth through branches, trunk and roots of the trees. For many, this is the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

The tree houses have stained-glass windows, along with plain glass to enjoy the beautiful views. There is a double bed, sofa and table. Eulenspigel (The Owl’s Mirror) is cosy, warm and safe, here the house becomes part of the tree and enjoy the views granted with its long balcony. The slightly wider and romantically decorated Kraaiennest (The Crow’s Nest) firmly sits amoungst the branches and also has a nice balcony on which you can eat, drink and enjoy the views. When use this an the bridal suite on occasion of wedding nights. Both balconys have an outside table and chairs. Listen to the birds sing and hear the rustling of leaves while in the treehouses. Through good insulation and electric heating in both treehouses they are suitable in all seasons.

The well-insulated tree houses are built of ecologically, environmentally conscious, domestic European wood and has a unique atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the views of the Frisian landscape.

The tree houses have a spacious balcony where you can sit and enjoy the view. They are suitable for 2 people wishing to stay overnight in a playful, yet comfortable way. The tree houses have a double bed and warm lighting.

There are simple kitchen utensils; plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and water tube. (no other devices)

If you haven’t ordered linen, well will provide a bottom sheet and pillowcases, but please bring a top sheet and duvet or sleeping bag.

This is a special night in the tree tops where the birds are, a place to completely unwind.

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