Mini-raft Kon-Tiki

Having a stay on the Mini-raft Kon-Tiki

Inspired by the famous raft “Kon-Tiki” by Thor Heyerdahl’s raft, this raft is half this size. Be believe that the water raft is indisputably unique. The raft is 8 meters in length and 3 meters in width, it offers a cabin that comfortably sleeps two people. The raft has a large deck outside with a seating area where you can eat, sunbathe and enjoy being at the water’s edge.

This little house on the water offers all the amenities for a pleasant stay with us. The raft is moveable and you are able to weigh anchor elsewhere on the river. Extremely smooth waters direct your attention from your daily routine and provides you the opportunity to put your worries overboard.


Enjoy viewing the sunrise and sunset from the water, and have a novelty experience here. If you still want to feel solid ground under your feet then the village of East Rein is a must.

The raft will offer two beds with the possibility of furnishing with double or single bedding. If you haven’t ordered any linen when booking then you must bring under sheets, pillowcases and a duvet or sleeping bag! A chest, oil lamps, a gas stove and basic cookware, along with attractive décor complete the list of things the raft includes. If you want to enjoy the views, the quietness of the area, the sunset and the water sit outside on the deck available with oak table and chairs. A refrigerator is provided centrally on sight.

The raft is a great way to enjoy your space and freedom.

There is also a Canadian canoe at your disposal.


€ 90, – One night in a weekend Fri. and / or Saturday, check-in starting at 14:00 you must check out before 10.30 am next morning

€ 80, – a night during the week (Sunday / Thursday)

€ 240, – Long weekend: from Fri. 14:00 until mo.10.30 a.m

€ 240, – midweek: from mo.14:00 you to Fri. 10.30 am

€ 420 – week

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