Unique nights

Unique nights

A night at The little Paradise [Het Kleine Paradijs] is an unforgettable one. During your stay with us you can stay in one of two romantic treehouses, an authentic tipi, in one the log cabins The Lord’s House’ or the ‘Writer Shut, in a small church or on a mini-raft Kon-tiki on the water. On a summer’s day you can also stay in a medieval knight tent. You can also pamper yourself in one of our Bed and Breakfast rooms.


Please remember a stay here in any way whatsoever, it is a (holiday) residence which takes into account nature and environment.

The little Paradise [Het Kleine Paradijs] is an inspiring and peaceful place right in the Frisian landscape. A place where people can feel at home, to reflect, to feel free in the tranquility of the surrounding nature. The original small farm which was described in the nineteenth century as “boerenbehuizinge with yard”, stands in one of the oldest polders in Europe. Everything is surrounded by trees, hedges and water, encircled by the vast landscape.

The location is perfect to fill your stay in a fun, playful, adventurous, spiritual and / or creative way. On colder days there is a living area where you can read quietly, play a game with other guests, have conversations or use the free wifi to research the area. On certain days this space is rented for other parties i.e. for workshops.

Who is The little Paradise [Het Kleine Paradijs] most suited to?

To begin; serenity is our moto! So……..

  • For those who are opting for a retreat or reflection week
  • For individuals who are seeking a small scale paradise.
  • For adventurous families with children with respect for others and the environment.
  • We ask families with children to make sure noise levels are kept to a minimum and understand that other guests are here for the peace and quiet.
  • For those with no organised recreational activities, go out and enjoy yourselves! The area offers plenty of inspiration for people of all ages. There is enough to keep the whole family busy. Nature can be fun for children , and they can also learn something from it. Explore the world!
  • For those who are searching for a unique night’s stay, from simple to something more luxurious.
  • Walking, cycling or canoe treks are a must for guests with an adventurous side!
  • For those who are environmentally conscious.
  • For groups that have discussed a package with us.

If you want “all you can eat”, a disco, extensive sporting and games facilities you would be better to choose another location.

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