Wwoofing and helpx is an opportunity for us to get some help with some small projects we have here and meet people. It is a cultural exchange and a learning opportunity. We provide you with food and accommodation and a nice environment in exchange for your help. We hope to positively share some of our way of life here.

Tell us if you have any particular skills or interests and we may be able to accommodate you but most important is a willingness to help and join in.

We have had several wwoofers to stay here during the last couple of years , one has even returned for a second stay. There is an occasional person that does not fit in, or the wwoofing or helpx scheme does not work for them, so we now first have a trial period of up to a week to make sure that it works for everyone and we are never offended if you decide that you prefer to move on.


Wwoofer-accommodation is in a holiday-cottage or room.


Internet is available for e-mailing in the evening.


Wwoofing is based on honesty and trust. You will find personal items lying around and we would hope that you to respect our property as we respect yours.


We have some Canadian canoes,kayaks, and a bike that you can use. There are some nice 1-2 hour walks.


We are a hard working friendly family. We enjoy spirituality, writing, reading, gardening, outdoor activities. Two of our sons( 20 and 23) are studying, one son( 25) is working as a teacher and our daughter ( 27 ) was wwoofing in New-Zealand and Australia and is helping us regular.

This info sheet is not meant to be a set of rules, We have had the odd bad experience in the past, we want to clarify the way we operate here and what

Wwoofing/helpx entails. So we hope you feel part of this place and our family while you are here and have a good time ‘mucking in’.

Our text on www.helpexchange .net or www.wwoof.org

We need help from 25th April 2012:in the(kitchen)garden, outdooractivities with schoolkids,diy jobs,preparing B&B’s, cooking and cleaning.The work is variable, 5 days a week,mostly between 8.30 am-3.00 pm.We provide housing and food for the whole week.Mostly meals will be taken with us. Non working days is selfsupporting when you can prepare your own food with the ingredients we provide.It is important for us that you are independent enough to work sometimes on your own and to enjoy yourself on the days off. Your accommodation is a holidaychalet or a room.

Staying between 2 and more weeks.Helpers must speak English.It helps if you are creative, active, flexible, spiritual.The property surrounded by water is an attractive, romantic place to stay. A place for retreats, holidays, courses, outdoor activities. Our guests are staying in a group-accommodation, Mongolian Ger,tipi, log-cabin, treehouse, holiday-apartment, gypsywagon or own tent. There is a tea-and herbgarden. We do have a B&B.

We, Jacqueline and Willem, are the parents of 4 children between 20 and 27 from which our daughter was a helpxer in Australia.They are living on their own and sometimes pop in.


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